2015 music – 8tracks mix

Here’s a mix of my favourite music from 2015. I haven’t tried to come up with any rankings or employ any particular nuance – these are just 23 tracks mostly from my favourite albums, with an EP and a single thrown in, presented in (I think) chronological order. Full tracklisting below the picture (sadly, 8tracks’ code for embeding widgets on WordPress isn’t working any more, so you’ll have to click through – much as I like 8tracks, I suspect it will go the same way as This Is My Jam and that this might be my last mix on it). Enjoy!

20151231 8tracks

1.Sleater-Kinney – No Anthems (No Cities to Love)
2.Desperate Journalist – Cristiana (Desperate Journalist)
3.Rae Morris – Under the Shadows (Unguarded)
4.Tigercats – Wheezer (Mysteries)
5.The Wave Pictures – We Fell Asleep in the Blue Tent (Great Big Flamingo Burning Moon)
6.Laura Groves – Dream Story (Committed Language EP)
7.Evans the Death – Expect Delays (Expect Delays)
8.Seth Avett and Jessica Lea Mayfield – Fond Farewell (Sing Elliott Smith)
9.Jane Weaver – The Electric Mountain (The Amber Light / The Silver Globe deluxe edition)
10.Alabama Shakes – Gimme All You Love (Sound and Color)
11.The Lovely Eggs – I Nearly Saw A Stabbing Last Night (This Is Our Nowhere)
12.Eccentronic Research Council – You Ruined My Chippy Thursday (Johnny Rocket, Narcissist & Music Machine… I’m Your Biggest Fan)
13.The Catenary Wires – Things I Love (Red Red Skies)
14.Piney Gir – Keep It Together (Mr Hyde’s Wild Ride)
15.Mammoth Penguins – Propped Up (Hide and Seek)
16.Simon Love feat. Stewart Lee – The Meaning of Love (It Seemed Like a Good Idea at the Time)
17.Beach House – Beyond Love (Depression Cherry)
18.The School – He’s Gonna Break Your Heart One Day (Wasting Away and Wandering)
19.Martha Ffion – So Long (single)
20.Jeffrey Lewis and Los Bolts – Sad Screaming Old Man (Manhattan)
21.Frankie Machine – How Great Thou Art (Frankie Machine Has Been Shipwrecked on a Desert Island)
22.The Drink – Roller (Capital)
23.Johnny Marr – There is a Light that Never Goes Out (Adrenalin Baby)

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