JKVS – the radio show

JKVS – 29th June 2015

I’m back on Cam FM this summer, presenting a two-hour show every other Monday. Both hours of the first show of the run are below – apologies in advance for the background music being too high in multiple links; just goes to show how easily your judgement can be off when you’re out of practice at this… Still, after a ropey first hour (I’ve eliminated the mistakes I readily can from the below…) I was much more pleased with the second.

The Indiepop Pit Stop, summer 2014 (2)

Somewhat belatedly, here is the mix of the final batch of Indiepop Pit Stops as broadcast on CamFM over the summer. They are probably the final editions of the feature, as while it’s not a comprehensive survey of the world of indiepop, it’s covered a lot of ground and it’s probably as well to quit before it gets stale.

I enjoyed doing it enormously though, and I hope at least a few people also enjoyed listening to it – big thanks to Sam for asking me on!

August 14th

  • The Spook School – I’ll Be Honest
  • The Spook School – Theme from Badults
  • Bis – Theme from Powerpuff Girls
  • The Wedding Present – Where Everybody Knows Your Name
  • Snuff – Whatever Happened to the Likely Lads?

August 21st

  • Colour Me Wednesday – (I’m Not Coming To Your) BBQ
  • Manic Street Preachers – We Are All Bourgeois Now

August 28th

  • The Moldy Peaches – Who’s Got the Crack?
  • Jeffrey Lewis and the Jrams – Outta Town

September 11th

  • Rosita – Santa Poca’s Dream
  • J Xaverre – Pink Hearts

September 18th

  • Fear of Men – Luna
  • Sleater-Kinney – Get Up

October 2nd

  • Steven James Adams – Fall Off the Roof
  • The Broken Family Band – It’s All Over

The Indiepop Pit Stop, summer 2014 (1)

I’ve been doing more of my Indiepop Pit Stop features for Sam‘s CamFM show this summer, so here are the first four compiled on Mixcloud. They actually span nearly two months, because of a combination of planned absence and studio problems, which meant that the third of these, an Indietracks preview edition, never actually got broadcast.

I’ll be back again just after 8 o’clock on most Thursday evenings between now and the end of September, and if you’d like to listen back to past shows in their entirety, and see the tracklisting, they are here.

June 26th
Gruff Rhys – American Exterior / American Interior
Murry the Hump – Kebab or Shag
Murry the Hump – The House That Used To Be A Ship

July 3rd
Pixies – Greens and Blues
Flipron – Youth Shall Never Beat Old Age In A Race

Not broadcast (scheduled for July 24th)
Spearmint – We’re Going Out
TeenCanteen – Honey

August 7th
Kriss Foster – Congratulations, You Won The Quiz
The Frightened Prisoners of the Kraken – Turquoise Hope On A Liquid Splendid

The Indiepop Pit Stop Trilogy

As you’ll know if you follow me on Twitter, I recently had another stint providing what’s rapidly becoming the country’s foremost Formula One-themed indiepop music feature, the Indiepop Pit Stop, on Sam Holloway’s Cam FM show during the Easter break. I’ve now compiled it into a single Mixcloud file, and as usual I’ve included some surrounding snippets of the show, to give a feel of how it was intended to be experienced, as one part of a longer piece (and also incuding one rather odd editing / playout mistake not of my doing – all as broadcast!).

As a special treat, the final instalment is presented with genuine FM hiss for atmosphere – for best effect, put the volume really low and lie down with your ear close to the speaker, as if it’s a school night and you don’t want your parents to know you’re listening to the radio. Full tracklisting below, or click through to Mixcloud.

Week 1, March 19th

  • The New Pornographers – Jackie, Dressed in Cobras
  • The Understudies – Jackie

Week 2, March 26th

  • Bearsuit – Hey Charlie, Hey Chuck
  • Mega Emotion – B R A I N S

Week 3, April 2nd

  • Kit Richardson – All Heart, No Brains
  • Mika Bomb – Heart Attack

Week 4, April 9th

  • Alfie – Crying at Teatime
  • Slow Club – Tears of Joy

Week 5, April 16th

  • The Triffids – Bury Me Deep In Love (demo)
  • Allo Darlin’ – My Heart Is A Drummer

The Indiepop Pit Stop part deux

Remember the feature I presented on Sam Holloway’s CamFM show in the summer? Oh. Well anyway, Sam had another run over Christmas and new year, so here’s all four Indiepop Pit Stops on Mixcloud. The first two are Christmas-themed, so by all means skip to the second half if you prefer… Full tracklisting below.

Week 1

  • The Advent Calendar of Fact by MJ Hibbett and the Validators
  • Card From A Multipack by The Just Joans

Week 2

  • Xmas Bloody Xmas by TV Smith
  • Where Do Jam Jars Go At Christmas Time? By Misty’s Big Adventure

Week 3

  • Say It by Just Handshakes
  • Gay Goth Scene by The Hidden Cameras

Week 4

  • Function Suite by Gums
  • Black Tambourine by Withered Hand

The Indiepop Pit Stop

Indiepop Pit Stop summer 2013 by Johnkell on Mixcloud

pit stop rawHere’s one for fans of unintended consequences… Many a student radio station has made use of the community radio FM licences that became available in the mid-2000s, after I’d graduated. So my radio alma mater has transformed since I left it in 2003 from CUR1350 to CamFM. Snag is, the FM licences are a bit stricter about the amount of original content you need to produce than the old AM ones, and outside term time student stations can find it a bit tricky, for obvious reasons.

So it was nice to hear that station manager Sam Holloway – station manager back when I started, that is – was invited back to do a weekly show during the holidays. Even nicer, he asked me to select a couple of indiepop tunes to play each week, to add to his own mix of pop, rock, soul and “obscure funk”. Nicer still, this idea quickly grew into a full feature, for which I supplied the audio each week. It became the Indiepop Pit Stop.

So here’s every instalment – two tunes, with a link in the middle from me – all in a single mix on Mixcloud. I’ve included some of Sam’s links here and there, so you get a bit of a feel for how it went out. I especially enjoyed being able to play some tracks for the first time, or probably for the first time, on radio anywhere in the world – notably the new material by MJ Hibbett and the Validators and the Just Joans.

They might be asking Sam back over Christmas, and I’m already thinking of which indiepop Christmas songs to suggest… In the meantime, the link at the top of the post goes through to the full mix. Below as a taster is Sam’s excellent intro jingle, then the full running order of all the tracks played in the Indiepop Pit Stop (also visible on Mixcloud, if you just want to click through – they don’t seem able to make the player embeddable on WordPress, sadly).

August 8th

  • Angelica – Why Did You Let My Kitten Die?
  • Tigercats – Limehouse Nights

August 15th

  • The Crimea – White Russian Galaxy
  • Shrag – Show Us Your Canines

August 22nd

  • The Smiths – Girlfriend in a Coma
  • The Tuts – Dump Your Boyfriend

August 29th

  • Bis – Eurodisco
  • The Just Joans – Durex Puppy

September 5th

  • MJ Hibbett and the Validators – I Want To Find Out How It Ends
  • Frankie Machine – 54th and 3rd

September 12th

  • Hefner – The Sad Witch
  • Darren Hayman and the Long Parliament – Impossible Times

September 19th

  • The Wave Pictures – Seagulls
  • Pippi and the Butcherbirds – Michaela

September 26th

  • Ooberman – The Physics Disco
  • The Beautiful Word – Particles

October 3rd

  • Camera Obscura – Break It To You Gently
  • Belle and Sebastian – Lazy Line Painter Jane

The Show that Never Was

In May this year I recorded what was meant to be the first of my shows on the new online channel CUR25, an online “afterlife” for those of us who presented shows on Cambridge University Radio up to the mid-2000s (the station was 25 in 2004, so you see what we did there…). Unfortunately, although I was expecting the channel to launch in spring, it still hasn’t gone live for one reason or another – it may yet happen, and will be very cool if it does.

The trouble is, my show is now so out of date that I can’t really use it as my first CUR25 show if it ever does happen. So I’ve created my own Mixcloud channel, and put the show up just so it can be heard. The playlist was this:

  • The Broken Family Band – Living In Sin
  • MJ Hibbett and the Validators – We Are The Giant Robots
  • Sharon van Etten – Serpents
  • Kathryn Calder – Waking in my Sleep
  • Robert Ellis – Westbound Train
  • Dire Straits – Eastbound Train
  • The Wave Pictures – Sugar Maple Charcoal
  • Moustache of Insanity – Postcards to Strangers
  • Ambrosia Parsley – The Other Side
  • Sleeper – Statuesque
  • Alistair the Optimist – In the Wake
  • Cornshed Sisters – Dance At My Wedding

Click here to listen.

If you’re wondering about the out of date bits: firstly, all the ‘new’ records aren’t that new any more. But more specifically:

  • the Ambrosia Parsley album is indeed going ahead, and she’s launched a successful Pledgemusic campaign to fund it
  • Tim Ten Yen has retired from performing and recording under that name, though you can still find him on Twitter.

Actually, you may have noticed there’s no Tim Ten Yen track in the list. That’s because I missed an entire link out when editing it together – the show should also have included:

  • Tim Ten Yen – Something Sinister
  • Piney Gir – It’s Our Time

Only just noticed that. What a clot.

So, there you have it. I hope to do more “radio” one way or another, either on CUR25 or just on my own Mixcloud channel. So you may yet hear some more John Kell Vs Satan, or even the other shows I had planned – the Heartbreak Half Hour and Since You’ve Been John. If you want to know what they’re about, well… stay tuned.

John Kell Vs Satan playlist October 26th 2011

Here’s the playlist for the latest JKVS, which you can listen to again here on Mixcloud. It contains exclusive preview tracks from MJ Hibbett and the Validators’ forthcoming rock opera Dinosaur Planet, which is a particular treat!

MJ Hibbett and the Validators – (Theme from) Dinosaur Planet
Wild Flag – Glass Tambourine
Jeffrey Lewis – When You’re By Yourself
Allo Darlin – Darren
The French – Wu-Tang Clan
Veronica Falls – Bad Feeling
Kathryn Calder – Younger Than We’ve Ever Been
The Flaming Lips – Waitin’ for a Superman
Bis – I’m A Slut
Sleater-Kinney – Get Up
Hofman – The Girl With The Storm-Damaged Hair
Marine Research – Parallel Horizontal
Regular Fries – Dream Lottery
Seafruit – Looking for Sparks
Angelica – Why Did You Let My Kitten Die?
MJ Hibbett and the Validators – The Theory of a Dinosaur Planet
MJ Hibbett and the Validators – My Theory of a Dinosaur Planet
Harvey Half-Devoured – Backburner
Immaculate Machine – Invention 77
Iron and Wine – The Trapeze Swinger

John Kell Vs Satan playlist October 12th 2011

Here’s the playlist for the last edition of the show – I totally forgot to put it up at the time, so apologies for that. Here’s the link to listen again on Mixcloud. The next edition is already in the can and goes out at 9pm on Wednesday – though I say it myself, it’s rather a good one!

Anna Madeline – The Angel (joey2tits remix)
Half Man Half Biscuit – The Coroner’s Footnote
Gruff Rhys – If We Were Words We Would Rhyme
Slow Club – You, Earth or Ash
The Pretenders – 977
The Leisure Society – Into The Murky Water
Spector – What you Wanted
Victoria and Jacob – There’s A War
Withered Hand – Love In the Time of Ecstasy
Pulp – The Trees
Electrelane – The Invisible Dog
Murry the Hump – The House That Used To Be A Ship
Moldy Peaches – Who’s Got the Crack?
Rock of Travolta – Giant Robo
Elbow – Powder Blue
Pris – Blu Tack Baby
Dave Tyack – excerpt from Rip Van Winkle
Iron and Wine – Godless Brother In Love
Feist – Undiscovered First

John Kell Vs Satan playlist September 28th 2011

Sorry for the slight lateness of this one – last week’s show is now up on Mixcloud. Tracklisting below.

Misty Dixon – Are You Lost
Slow Club – Beginners
St Vincent – Northern Lights
Super Furry Animals – Northern Lites
Gillian Welch – The Way It Goes
Anna Madeline – Milk and Water
Flipron – Cerberus is as Cerberus does
Standard Fare – Dancing
Red Shoe Diaries – Infinity +1
Sons and Daughters – Darling
Thomas Tantrum – Work It
Manda Rin – Typeface
Glasvegas – Polmont on my Mind
Neon Neon – Dream Cars
My Morning Jacket – Touch Me I’m Going To Scream Pt 1
Astrid – Modes of Transport
The Boo Radleys – Lazarus
A Fine Day For Sailing – Blanket Girlfriend
The Bluetones – Never Going Nowhere