JKVS – the radio show

John Kell Vs Santa

For the last few years I’ve usually done a Christmas special radio show, and this year I’ll be doing four of them – three on Bedford Radio, and one just on Mixcloud.

Below, however, you’ll find all my previous Christmas specials since I got back on the radio at Cam FM in 2014 – enjoy! I’ll add the new ones on as they become available, so if you miss any of them you can check back here.

John Kell Vs Santa – December 22nd 2014

I’m not doing any radio shows over this holiday period, but here’s my Christmas special from last year. As my show was always called John Kell Vs Satan, the Christmas edition was inevitably John Kell Vs Santa. This is the only one of the shows from 12 months ago that I’ve put on Mixcloud so far. The others might follow, but I’m particularly fond of this one, and especially the second hour – I don’t think you’ll quite hear this mix of Christmas music on any other show, and I was also really pleased with the jingles (on their own underneath the Mixcloud widgets – for bonus points, name the sitcoms!).

Full tracklisting
Hour 1
Severe – Stop the Cavalry
Cornshed Sisters – Have A Good Christmas
The Singing Loins – Ding Dong Merrily On High
The  Gresham Flyers – Perfect Christmas Snow
Paper Tongues – Carol of the Bells
MJ Hibbett and the Validators – Easy Christmas
Plans and Apologies – Pandaz Xmas
Geoffrey and the Livingstones – Communist Christmas
Mitch Benn – Broke the Bank This Christmas
Fever Fever – Hallelujah Carol
The Fall – No Xmas for John Quays (Since You’ve Been John)
Balor Knights – Gaudete
Tralala – Christmas Never Comes When You’re Alone
Belle and Sebastian – O Come O Come Emmanuel
Mary Epworth – The Wolf and the Woods
Hour 2
Cuckooland – Silver Bells
The Long Blondes – Christmas is Cancelled
TV Smith – Xmas Bloody Xmas
The Low Countries – Carry on Christmas
Piney Gir – Christmas Time / Snow, Snow, Beautiful Snow
Radio Orwell –  Last Christmas
Magnuson – God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen
The Just Joans –  Card from a Multipack
Seymour Swine – Blue Christmas
Slow Club – Christmas Baby Please Come Home
Frankie Machine – I’m Going To Kill Myself for Christmas
Christa Rebecca – You Still Come Home For Christmas
Bill Botting – Acting Without Acting
HT and the OJs – Just Say No To Christmas
Church Library –  Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas

TV Times – omnibus edition

This is a compilation of all the editions of one of my favourite features from my radio shows over the summer – my TV Times, which was basically a showcase for lots of great TV theme tunes, with some blather about them afterwards from me. It wasn’t deliberate, but with hindsight I was almost certainly taking inspiration from TV Cream’s long-running theme tunes vote-off, and the inimitable Dream Themes.

All the editions were put together by category, some looser than others. Here’s a run-down of all the themes featured (for proper credits, see the Mixcloud listing).

June 29th – all the Bs

July 13th – children’s shows
Round the Twist
The Wind in the Willows
Dark Season
The Secret Service

July 27th – railway-related shows (Indietracks special)
The 8:15 From Manchester
The Train Now Departing
6:05 Special

August 10th – sitcoms
The Fall and Rise of Reginald Perrin
The Two Of Us
Dream Stuffing
Reggie Perrin

August 24th – 90s US drama
Due South
The X-Files
Buffy the Vampire Slayer

September 7th – gameshows
The Krypton Factor
Treasure Hunt

September 21st (1) – 90s UK drama
Jeeves and Wooster
Class Act
Hamish Macbeth
This Life

September 21st (2) – anything goes!
The Man from UNCLE
Howards’ Way
Agatha Christie’s Poirot
Miss Marple

John Kell Vs Satan – September 21s 2015

As a special treat for the final show of the series, I’ve uploaded it as recorded off FM, with thanks to my brother, complete with authentic hiss. This was a rare show where I thought the first hour was better – the second hour was a bit dominated by that extra edition of the TV Times, with a few too many themes crammed into it. There’s a preview track from the forthcoming album by MJ Hibbett and the Validators in the first hour too.

Actually there was a reason why I chose that last song, I just forgot! “Don’t paint the Devil on the wall,” indeed. To make up for the crashed vocal, I’ve blended the full length of the song into the end, beyond the fade out at 10pm as broadcast.

John Kell Vs Satan – September 7th 2015

I was very pleased to be able to play an exclusive new track from the forthcoming Frankie Machine album in this show (in the first hour, if you’re just looking for that). Otherwise it has the usual features, including the answer to the previous Final Analysis and a new (and final!) question (at the bottom of this post if you just want to listen to that), a TV Times focusing on gameshows, and a double bill of Since You’ve Been John. Kirsty MacColl is the Gone But Not Forgotten artist… and beyond that, I’ll just say that I hadn’t realised quite how much of the show all those versions of Watching the Detectives would take up…

John Kell Vs Satan – August 24th 2015

The Heartbreak Half Hour makes an unwelcome return in the second hour of this show! Otherwise, it’s all the usual features: Gone But Not Forgotten (The Crimea this time), the answer to the previous Final Analysis and my TV Times in hour 1; Since You’ve Been John, a new Final Analysis Question (at the bottom of this post if you just want to hear that again) and more Gone But Not Forgotten in hour 2.

John Kell Vs Satan – August 10th 2015

This was a trouble-free show compared to the previous edition… until ten minutes from the end when gremlins struck again! The Gone But Not Forgotten artist was Jason Molina, and the TV Times turned to sitcoms…

This week’s Final Analysis question is at the bottom of this post, if you just want to listen to that on its own. The answer to last week’s is given in the first hour.

JKVS Indietracks Special – July 27th 2015

Here’s the Indietracks special edition of the radio show, broadcast immediately after this year’s festival. If you heard it live you’ll know there were numerous problems with the studio that evening that turned it into a bit of a shambles – I’ve managed to take the worst of it out and it sounds quite good now!

Below it you can find the latest Final Analysis question – leave a comment here, on Soundcloud or on Mixcloud if you think you know the songs, artists and sequence, and can suggest a fourth song, or just tweet me.