The Indiepop Pit Stop, summer 2014 (1)

I’ve been doing more of my Indiepop Pit Stop features for Sam‘s CamFM show this summer, so here are the first four compiled on Mixcloud. They actually span nearly two months, because of a combination of planned absence and studio problems, which meant that the third of these, an Indietracks preview edition, never actually got broadcast.

I’ll be back again just after 8 o’clock on most Thursday evenings between now and the end of September, and if you’d like to listen back to past shows in their entirety, and see the tracklisting, they are here.

June 26th
Gruff Rhys – American Exterior / American Interior
Murry the Hump – Kebab or Shag
Murry the Hump – The House That Used To Be A Ship

July 3rd
Pixies – Greens and Blues
Flipron – Youth Shall Never Beat Old Age In A Race

Not broadcast (scheduled for July 24th)
Spearmint – We’re Going Out
TeenCanteen – Honey

August 7th
Kriss Foster – Congratulations, You Won The Quiz
The Frightened Prisoners of the Kraken – Turquoise Hope On A Liquid Splendid


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