The Indiepop Pit Stop Trilogy

As you’ll know if you follow me on Twitter, I recently had another stint providing what’s rapidly becoming the country’s foremost Formula One-themed indiepop music feature, the Indiepop Pit Stop, on Sam Holloway’s Cam FM show during the Easter break. I’ve now compiled it into a single Mixcloud file, and as usual I’ve included some surrounding snippets of the show, to give a feel of how it was intended to be experienced, as one part of a longer piece (and also incuding one rather odd editing / playout mistake not of my doing – all as broadcast!).

As a special treat, the final instalment is presented with genuine FM hiss for atmosphere – for best effect, put the volume really low and lie down with your ear close to the speaker, as if it’s a school night and you don’t want your parents to know you’re listening to the radio. Full tracklisting below, or click through to Mixcloud.

Week 1, March 19th

  • The New Pornographers – Jackie, Dressed in Cobras
  • The Understudies – Jackie

Week 2, March 26th

  • Bearsuit – Hey Charlie, Hey Chuck
  • Mega Emotion – B R A I N S

Week 3, April 2nd

  • Kit Richardson – All Heart, No Brains
  • Mika Bomb – Heart Attack

Week 4, April 9th

  • Alfie – Crying at Teatime
  • Slow Club – Tears of Joy

Week 5, April 16th

  • The Triffids – Bury Me Deep In Love (demo)
  • Allo Darlin’ – My Heart Is A Drummer

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