The Indiepop Pit Stop part deux

Remember the feature I presented on Sam Holloway’s CamFM show in the summer? Oh. Well anyway, Sam had another run over Christmas and new year, so here’s all four Indiepop Pit Stops on Mixcloud. The first two are Christmas-themed, so by all means skip to the second half if you prefer… Full tracklisting below.

Week 1

  • The Advent Calendar of Fact by MJ Hibbett and the Validators
  • Card From A Multipack by The Just Joans

Week 2

  • Xmas Bloody Xmas by TV Smith
  • Where Do Jam Jars Go At Christmas Time? By Misty’s Big Adventure

Week 3

  • Say It by Just Handshakes
  • Gay Goth Scene by The Hidden Cameras

Week 4

  • Function Suite by Gums
  • Black Tambourine by Withered Hand

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