The Indiepop Pit Stop

Indiepop Pit Stop summer 2013 by Johnkell on Mixcloud

pit stop rawHere’s one for fans of unintended consequences… Many a student radio station has made use of the community radio FM licences that became available in the mid-2000s, after I’d graduated. So my radio alma mater has transformed since I left it in 2003 from CUR1350 to CamFM. Snag is, the FM licences are a bit stricter about the amount of original content you need to produce than the old AM ones, and outside term time student stations can find it a bit tricky, for obvious reasons.

So it was nice to hear that station manager Sam Holloway – station manager back when I started, that is – was invited back to do a weekly show during the holidays. Even nicer, he asked me to select a couple of indiepop tunes to play each week, to add to his own mix of pop, rock, soul and “obscure funk”. Nicer still, this idea quickly grew into a full feature, for which I supplied the audio each week. It became the Indiepop Pit Stop.

So here’s every instalment – two tunes, with a link in the middle from me – all in a single mix on Mixcloud. I’ve included some of Sam’s links here and there, so you get a bit of a feel for how it went out. I especially enjoyed being able to play some tracks for the first time, or probably for the first time, on radio anywhere in the world – notably the new material by MJ Hibbett and the Validators and the Just Joans.

They might be asking Sam back over Christmas, and I’m already thinking of which indiepop Christmas songs to suggest… In the meantime, the link at the top of the post goes through to the full mix. Below as a taster is Sam’s excellent intro jingle, then the full running order of all the tracks played in the Indiepop Pit Stop (also visible on Mixcloud, if you just want to click through – they don’t seem able to make the player embeddable on WordPress, sadly).

August 8th

  • Angelica – Why Did You Let My Kitten Die?
  • Tigercats – Limehouse Nights

August 15th

  • The Crimea – White Russian Galaxy
  • Shrag – Show Us Your Canines

August 22nd

  • The Smiths – Girlfriend in a Coma
  • The Tuts – Dump Your Boyfriend

August 29th

  • Bis – Eurodisco
  • The Just Joans – Durex Puppy

September 5th

  • MJ Hibbett and the Validators – I Want To Find Out How It Ends
  • Frankie Machine – 54th and 3rd

September 12th

  • Hefner – The Sad Witch
  • Darren Hayman and the Long Parliament – Impossible Times

September 19th

  • The Wave Pictures – Seagulls
  • Pippi and the Butcherbirds – Michaela

September 26th

  • Ooberman – The Physics Disco
  • The Beautiful Word – Particles

October 3rd

  • Camera Obscura – Break It To You Gently
  • Belle and Sebastian – Lazy Line Painter Jane

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