2012 – the Very Rest Of (1)

I’ve done a few 8tracks mixes of music from 2012. There’s a run down of tracks from my top 10 albums, but before that there are two mixes of various other tracks I heard over the year. Some, but not all, come from albums outside the top 10 (and a round-up of those is to follow). Here’s the first one.

  1. Future of the Left – Failed Olympic Bid
  2. Withered Hand – Heart Heart
  3. Tigercats – Cats Run Free
  4. Emmy the Great – Fade Into You
  5. Sea of Bees – Gone
  6. Young Romance – Follow On Your Own
  7. Pris – A-Bomb in White Heat
  8. Laura J Martin – Spy
  9. MJ Hibbett – The Stores of Not to Be
  10. Mark Knopfler – Go, Love
  11. Major Lazer feat. Amber Coffman – Get Free
  12. Jesca Hoop – When I’m Asleep
  13. Caitlin Rose – Lately I’ve Let Things Slide
  14. Field Mouse – You Guys Are Gonna Wake My Mom
  15. Ambrosia Parsley – The Answer (Tim & Becky’s Wedding)

I’ll also share here probably my favourite video of the year, from The School.~


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