Christmas mix (2) – Christmas originals, part one

I’ve accumulated about 300 Christmas songs worth listening to over the years, my MP3 library tells me – many of them originals by indiepop bands and others, and almost entirely eschewing the Slades and Whams of the Christmas song world. I’ll be putting various 8tracks mixes of these on the blog pretty much every day over the next week.

I’ve selected about 50 of the best original songs and spread them over three 8tracks mixes. Here’s the first, starting of course with MJ Hibbett’s Advent Calendar of Fact…

  1. MJ Hibbett and the Validators – Advent Calendar Of Fact
  2. Piney Gir – Christmas Time
  3. The Cornshed Sister – Have A Good Christmas Time
  4. Misty’s Big Adventure – Where Do Jam Jars Go At Christmas Time
  5. Geoffrey and the Livingstones – Communist Christmas
  6. Mitch Benn and the Distractions – Broke the Bank This Christmas
  7. Caravan of Thieves – I Dont Want Anything for Christmas
  8. Fever Fever – Hallelujah Carol
  9. Jeff Mellin – Every Year
  10. Chalk and Numbers – Happiness This Time Of Year
  11. The Futureheads – Christmas Was Better in the 80s
  12. Diana Ross & The Supremes – Little Bright Star
  13. The Gresham Flyers – Mistletoe Misadventure
  14. The Rockey Nest – Five Golden Rings from the Hi Five Kings
  15. The Lollies – (You Can Make An) Angel Sigh
  16. Paper Tongues – Carol Of The Bells
  17. Otalgia – Empty Boxes
  18. The Black Arts – Christmas Number One
  19. Pretenders – 2000 Miles (It Must Be Christmas Time)

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