Indietracks 8tracks mix

I’ve compiled a mix on 8tracks of the bands I particularly enjoyed at Indietracks  – just click on the picture.

Unfortunately 8tracks seems to be having problems at the moment and refusing to play the tracks in the order I specified – but that might be specific to me, so see what you make of it.

Here’s the order they should appear in…

1. The School – Where Does Your Heart Belong?
2. Darren Hayman and the Secondary Modern – Art and Design
3. The 10p Mixes – Have You Met My Monster?
4. Young Romance – Follow On Your Own
5. The Birthday Kiss – Starting to Come Back to Life
6. Evans the Death – Wet Blanket
7. Colour Me Wednesday – Holiday from Your Life
8. Tender Trap – Memorabilia
9. Liechtenstein – Passion for Water
10. Tigercats – Limehouse Nights
11. The Just Joans – What Do We Do Now?
12. Standard Fare – Suitcase
13. Robberie – Academical High
14. The Spook School – Are You Who You Think You Are?
15. September Girls – Hells Bells
16. Love Dance – Bergen, Again
17. Rose Melberg – Truly
18. The Vaselines – Sex with an X


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