John Kell Vs Satan playlist September 14th 2011

Here’s the playlist for the latest edition of the show, to which you can listen again here on Mixcloud.

  • Grandaddy – Summer, It’s Gone
  • Pocketbooks – Promises, Promises
  • Charles Latham – I’m Moving Back To May Parents’ House
  • The Bluetones – Keep the Home Fires Burning
  • Wild Flag – Romance
  • Those Dancing Days – Can’t Find Entrance
  • Kate Jackson Group – Date with Dawn
  • Wake the President – Miss Tierney
  • Shrag – The Habit Creep
  • Rosita – Santa Poca’s Dream
  • Yo La Tengo – The Crying of Lot G
  • Hefner – The Day that Thatcher Dies
  • Neko Case and her Boyfriends – Twist the Knife
  • At the Drive-In – One Armed Scissor
  • Badly Drawn Boy – Magic in the Air
  • Help Stamp Out Loneliness – Cottonopolis
  • PJ Harvey – On Battleship Hill
  • Tarnation – Your Thoughts and Mine

It’s 90 minutes rather than an hour, which has had two consequences: firstly, I’ve tried to make a virtue of the extra running time and the increased necessity to dive into my record collection by focusing on a particular year from ‘my’ era of music (1998 onwards) for a section of each show, starting with 2000 this time round and 2008 next time – the rest to follow in a random order! Musical memories of either year? Pop ’em in the comments below and I’ll compare notes on the next edition of the show.

The second consequence is that the show’s timing is a bit off and has far too much yakking from me. It’s a new format for JKVS, and I’ll fix it for next time!


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