John Kell Vs Satan on North Palace Radio

I’m very excited to announce that John Kell Vs Satan, the radio show from which this blog takes its name, is making a return on the north London community internet station North Palace Radio. The plan is to do it fortnightly, going out every other Wednesday at 9pm and available to stream on Mixcloud thereafter.

I’ll try and remember to put up a post with the tracklist of each edition as they go out, but the information will be on Mixcloud anyway if I forget.

I started doing the show as a student, and revived it as a podcast on here for a little while – if you’re wondering about its name, there are reflections on that in this post. It probably looks bad to have my own name spoken so many times over the course of an hour or more, but otherwise I still think it’s a decent title, despite Art Brut subsequently having had similar inspiration for one of their albums – as long as you know who stole the idea first, OK?

My thanks go to Dom at North Palace Radio for offering me the slot – there’s a good mix of stuff on the station, so do have a look at the schedule.


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