If God hadn’t invented Indietracks…

On the Sunday night Sarah, Nick and I spent a good while sitting in the train bar thinking up possible future indie festivals, bearing in mind that there are plans afoot for one at a tank museum – Indietanks! I know I’ve forgotten a lot, but here are the decent-ish ones I remember – Sarah, help me out in the comments with any more?

  • An indiepop festival where compulsory sleep periods are scheduled into the timetable between bands… Indienaps.
  • An indiepop festival at a Golden Wonder factory… Indiesnacks.
  • An indiepop festival at Battersea Cats and Dogs home… Indiecats.
  • A 1940s-themed indiepop festival with a strict dress code in respect of trousers… Indieslacks.
  • An indiepop festival where headware is compulsory… Indiehats.
  • An indiepop festival co-organised with the Ordnance Survey… Indiemaps.
  • An un-PC indiepop festival at which children are encouraged to attend, but must be well-behaved at all time and may be firmly disciplined when necessary… Indiesmacks.
  • An indiepop festival offering free male all-body waxes… Indiebacksackandcrack.

Got any more? Add them below!



  1. I’d be well up for the first three. And Indiesnaps – which is either held at an alligator farm OR has a photography theme (with Camera Obscura and Hidden Cameras on the bill, natch)

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