The John Kell Vs Satan Best Albums of 2010 Spotify list

I was going to wait until I had a full top ten run-down blog post to accompany this, but I may as well put it up now: here’s my carefully-sequenced Spotify list of tracks from my favourite albums this year.

Note that’s not my favourite songs of the year (check out my podcasts across the year for some more of those), but a track each from my favourite albums, with two caveats: anything not on Spotify isn’t there (I’d haveincluded some Arcade Fire and Loves, the latter from their final album, officially released in 2011 but already available to order); and I limited it to what would fit on a CD, roughly speaking.

I’ll have a blog post of my top 10 albums, another one on my other favourites, plus a third rounding up what I thought of the other records that came my way, before the end of the year.

Enjoy – and if you have an equivalent list, do share it in the comments below.


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