Christmas videos

As we’re now less than three weeks out from Christmas, I reckon it’s just about acceptable to put the decorations up, put the Christmas songs on the MP3 player (I’ve been stocking up on all sorts of Christmas indiepop this year) and maybe get the occasional turkey and stuffing sandwich from Greggs.

So to help with the mood, here are some festive videos: MJ Hibbett’s Christmas song of this year, The 29th Day of December (featuring yours truly as part of the “choir”, not that you’ll be able to tell), and its predecessor of a few years ago, The Advent Calendar of fact; plus the hilarious Jeremy Lion performing the Twelve Days of Christmas.

As for this blog, between now and the end of the year you can expect (hopefully) a couple of podcasts – one Vs Satan, one Vs Santa – some album of the year reviews and a TV round-up of the last twelve months as well. Until then, enjoy!

You can see some other (non-festive) videos I recommend on the Vodpod sidebar panel to the left.

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