New podcast: ten years on

Here’s a new podcast for you, with music from the Just Joans, Piney Gir, the Pipettes, Kenickie and more. As I talk about in the show, it’s now ten years since I first presented a radio show, on what was then CUR, became CUR1350 a couple of years later and transformed into CamFM last weekend.

While I’m looking back,  a word on the show’s name. It was the convention of the station to give the show a name, rather than just name it after the presenter as mainstream stations do (of course, a once-a-week show probably needs a name rather more than a five-times-a-week one). At short notice, and in frustration at the taste in music I’d found among many fellow students, I called mine The Stereophonics Are Dead. Brief reflections on this are in the podcast.

For the following term, I nicked a new title from the album Heavenly Vs Satan, which to this day I’ve never heard. I’d got fed up with saying the show title and then having to give my name by way of explanation of who I was, so I thought a title incorporating my name would solve that problem. In practice, I just ended up saying my name twice as much, to make clear that the person speaking was indeed the person named in the show’s title. Despite this I stuck with it as, well, it’s a good title for a radio show – and indeed a blog. The number of times my name gets mentioned in each podcast must be hideously large, and quite possibly it makes me look like a raving egomaniac… but I’ve made the jingles now and I’m at a loss to think of a better alternative.

Usual disclaimer applies: if any copyright holder would like me to remove their material, just get in touch and I will.



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