London indie discos – a calendar

Inspired by Indietracks, I’ve put together a Google calendar of indie discos in London. It will of course be child’s play, I thought, to embed it into this blog. Alas, no – don’t let you embed Google calendars or anything else using an iframe, for technical reasons. Sometimes Web 2.0 promises more than it delivers.*

However, I recently cleared out my old Blogger blog of all posts – although I transferred them all across here two years ago, it was clear that some people searching for me were finding that one first and not quite understanding that it was no longer in use. I didn’t delete it though, which is handy: being owned by Google, Blogger will display iframes, so I’ve pressed it back into service to host the calendar.

Head over to Blogger now and find the calendar, plus links to let you incorporate it into your own calendar. Enjoy! Oh, and if you want some company at an indie disco, you know where to find me…

*In fact it’s amazing how inflexible the feed coming off Google calendars are: you’d think an RSS feed showing events by the date they’re due to occur would be the obvious feed to provide, wouldn’t you? What they actually offer is an XML feed with items grouped by the date they were entered into the calendar. Because calendars aren’t useful for displaying things in a new order at all. That’s not the entire point of them. Obviously.

And while I’m having a moan about web services that are usually – to be fair – much better than this, surely a widget to embed Google calendars in a sidebar at least should be on’s priorities somewhere? As far as I can tell people have been badgering them about it for years but there’s nothing doing.


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