Top 3 Indietracks moments

3. Eddie Argos in the crowd
Maybe it’s a slightly predictable moment to pick, but it’s not a proper festival unless at least one singer dives into the audience and does a verse from there, is it? He got a surprisingly long way out into the crowd as well, shouting U2 lyrics as he went.

(Edit: here’s a video!)

2. Easily Impressed
MJ Hibbett and the Validators delivered a proper, full-on, festival set on Sunday morning. The highlight for me, having seen Mark do this song over the course of about nine years and nearly always feel the need to explain how the audience participation bit works, was Easily Impressed. Reference was made to some audience participation, but no instructions… at the appropriate point, the music stopped… And the crowd BELLOWED: “Oi! Hibbett!!” It was awesome.

1. The Loves, with special guest Jesus
It started when Simon Love asked us to welcome on-stage their special guest for the next song… Jesus! Jesus, it turned out, looked a lot like Jimmy from the Bobby McGees wearing a white sheet and wafting it around. “Don’t milk it, Jesus,” rebuked Simon. During the appropriate point in the song, at which Simon has sung about calling Jesus and just getting his answerphone, Jesus delivered this message: “This is Jesus’s answerphone. Jesus can’t take your call right now, he’s too busy swanning round the Buffalo Bar pretending to be Sean Price.”

In fact, half the bands on-stage over the weekend seemed to make references to Sean Price, aka Sean Fortuna Pop (but nobody called him that – has the fashion for adopting someone’s band / fanzine / record label as their surname passed or something?). Some were complimentary, others joshingly withering. Yes, joshing, that was it.


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