How to save BBC 6 Music (5) – winning the argument

It annoys me that people are tending to refer to “the decision” to close 6 Music – it’s not a decision, it’s a proposal. What we have to do now is ensure the BBC Trust is in a position where it cannot accept that proposal. This means demonstrating the strength of feeling, certainly, but it also means undermining the arguments – such as they are – in favour of closure.

So, below are two draft documents. One is a one-sider that can (after the election) go to MPs or other people to influence; the second is a fuller briefing which can also be used for that, but is also my response to the relevant question in the consultation. I’ll submit it without the numbering and formatting, and add separate answers to all the other questions, not all of which will pertain to 6 Music.

I’m putting these here for two reasons: firstly, to get comments and suggestions on how to improve them; and secondly, as a resource for anyone who wants to make use of the arguments and analysis.

So, here they are – thoughts please.

Full-length response.

One-side briefing.


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