Cross-post: Conservatives Spring Forum

I moved my political posts off this blog to a separate one a good while ago, as they didn’t sit terribly comfortably amid the F1, Doctor Who and indie music. For a while I entertained the idea of launching myself fully into the political blogosphere, but more recently I’ve concluded trying to achieve anything in there is almost certain to be a massive and upsetting waste of time and effort. So the political blog has withered somewhat, but I occasionally put up the odd venting post on there.

Still, I was at the Conservatives’ Spring Forum in Brighton this weekend for work, and it seemed a shame not to offer some non-work-based observations. So here they are.

Conservatives Spring Forum: notes from the conference

Conservatives Spring Forum: what might a Conservative government do?

Conservatives Spring Forum: how might the Conservatives govern?

Conservatives Spring Forum: grammer and sin tax


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