Albums of the Year 2009

In the maelstrom of end-of-decade reviews, attention has been diverted – partly – from the usual end-of-the-year round-ups. In fact, I can’t usually be bothered obsessing about the exact order of my top 20 or however many I want to put on the list. For the last few years I’ve compiled CDs of my favourite albums, so limiting me to as many albums as can be represented within 80 minutes. I can’t really be bothered doing the physical CDs this year (and obviously I wouldn’t put this compilation together in MP3 form and offer to let people put it on their computers if I see them, of course I wouldn’t do that), but if I did I reckon it would be something like this.

1. Morrissey – One Day Goodbye Will Be Farewell (Years of Refusal)
2. The Hidden Cameras – Walk On (Origin: Orphan)
3. Pet Shop Boys – All Over the World (Yes)
4. Spiral Beach – Cemetery (The Only Really Thing)
5. MJ Hibbett and the Validators – My Boss Was In An Indie Band Once (Regardez, Ecoutez et Repetez)
6. Florence and the Machine – Rabbit Heart (Lungs)
7. Blue Roses – Doubtful Pleasures (Blue Roses)
8. Bill Callahan – Eid Mar Clack Shaw (Sometimes I Wish We Were An Eagle)
9. Yeah Yeah Yeahs – Faces (It’s Blitz!)
10. Doves – The Great Denier (Kingdom of Rust)
11. Magnolia Electric Co – O! Grace (Josephine)
12. Noisettes – So Complicated (Wild Young Hearts)
13. Metric – Sick Muse (Fantasies)
14. Cerys Matthews – Spider and the Fly (Don’t Look Down)
15. The Leisure Society – Save It For Someone Who Cares (Product of the Ego Drain)
16. Neko Case – Red Tide (Middle Cyclone)
17. A.A. Bondy – When the Devil’s Loose (When the Devil’s Loose)
18. The Maccabees – Can You Give It (Wall of Arms)
19. Emmy the Great – Mia (First Love)

So there’s a Top 19 of 2009 for you. Ordered by how the songs sound in relation to each other, not in order of any ranking of the albums.

My Top 100 of the decade, meanwhile, is coming your way very soon…


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