Talk Talk “customer service”

Part of me doesn’t like using this blog to whinge, but I don’t have much else open to me. Word of mouth can count for a lot, so this is my small effort at seizing redress from Talk Talk.

I’m about to move flat, and it’s taken them two weeks to respond after I submitted my move details to them online; I had to chase them by phone, and they claimed not to have received the information, although the email I received from them just now clearly shows they did. They claimed they were unable to contact me – they don’t say when they tried, but I’ve no unexplained missed calls on any phone, so I’ve no idea when that was.

I’d already decided to move away from Talk Talk when my 18-month contract expires: while the broadband service is cheap and pretty reliable, the customer service I received over another matter was rotten. And so it continues: because I’m moving address, they’re going to lock me into a new 18-month contract; apparently they can restart the clock, even though I’m not allowed to leave early without penalty.

I thought I’d better post this now, as apparently I could be without broadband for up to 14 days when I move. I know it’s a bit petty to have a moan like this, but what else can you do?


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