New podcast!

Here’s a new edition of John Kell Vs Satan, including music by the Gossip, Laura Cantrell, Jarvis Cocker, the Maccabees and many more. Hope you like it.

You can stream it here, or download it from here.

And remember: if you like what you hear, consider supporting the artist with a purchase.

Edited to add: I’ve uploaded a second and hopefully rather higher-quality version of the file  (explanation in the comments), so have a second listen if you found it tricky going first time. Though the first track is still pretty ropey, owing to the source material…



  1. Ah, thanks Sam – you’ve saved me from a schoolboy error! I’m having a play with the software to get a better version now…

  2. The mystery of the bitrate solved! Your MP3 is in stereo, so that 64kbps is effectively being shared, 32kbps per channel. That’s too low for MP3 music. I reckon you can just about get away with 56kbps mono (and I keep an 192kbps stereo copy for my archives), or if you’re happy with your current file size, do 64kbps mono and you’ll sound much better!

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