Limited appeal

Tomorrow comes the appeal over the diffusers. If it is upheld, it scarcely bears thinking about. Would the cars with “trick diffusers” be excluded from the results of the first two race? Would points be re-allocated? Can they do that?

Never mind for a moment how ridiculous this would make Formula 1 would look, and how damaging this would be at a time when it needs to shore up its remaining sponsors and attract new teams. What would the revised standings actually look like, without the Brawns, Toyotas and Williamses? Here’s what.


  1. Alonso
  2. Buemi
  3. Bourdais
  4. Sutil
  5. Heidfeld
  6. Fisichella
  7. Webber
  8. Vettel


  1. Heidfeld
  2. Webber
  3. Hamilton
  4. Massa
  5. Bourdais
  6. Alonso
  7. Piquet
  8. Raikkonen

Championship standings would be (bearing in mind the half-points awarded in Malaysia):

  1. Alonso (11.5 points)
  2. Heidfeld (9)
  3. Bourdais = Buemi (8)
  4. Webber (6)
  5. Sutil (5)
  6. Fisichella = Hamilton (3)
  7. Massa (2.5)
  8. Vettel = Piquet (1)
  9. Raikkonen (0.5)

What a bloody mess that would be.


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