Sweet release, slight return

Right, here’s a revised version of the list of albums I’ve yet to obtain in 2009, but intend to (more reviews likely when I have a few more to review…). And a request: bearing the below in mind, what else should I be investigating? There seems to be quite a few female-fronted outfits / oddly-names solo projects going on at the moment: which are worth further attention?

  • Bonnie Prince Billy – out now (“Beware”)
  • Super Furry Animals – out now (“Dark Days/Light Years”)
  • The Decemberists – March 23rd  (“The Hazards Of Love”)
  • Noisettes – 30th Mar (“Wild Young Hearts”)
  • Doves  – 6th Apr (“Kingdom of Rust”)
  • Bat for Lashes – 6th Apr (“Two Suns”)
  • Broken Family Band – 20th April (“Please and Thank You”)
  • Immaculate Machine – 21st Apr[North American release date], (”High on Jackson Hill”)
  • Camera Obscura  – 21st April (“My Maudlin Career”)
  • Dear Reader – May 4th (“Replace Why With Funny”)
  • MJ Hibbett and the Validators – 11th May (“Regardez, Ecoutez et Repetez”)
  • Junior Boys  – 11th May (“Begone Dull Care”) [24th Mar Canadian release]

One comment

  1. I’m not sure if this is one for you, it does go a bit abstract in places, but I really like ‘Twice Born Men’ by Sweet Billy Pilgrim, which is on David Sylvian’s Samedhi Sound label. There’s a hint of the intelligent anthemic sound of Elbow or Doves, but also an intriguing combination of banjos and synths. For me, it’s a really strong record.

    Also, what about the new Bill Callahan? I think it’s been put back to 6th April now but it sounds promising.

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