Totally on the Case


This week started with two wildly contrasting but superb gigs.

First: Neko Case at the Bush Hall. Was it every bit as superb as you’d expect? Most certainly. Is the new album likely to be utterly wonderful? Without doubt. Is she playing the UK again in August for those who unwisely missed out this time round? Happily, yes.

Secondly, Totally Acoustic featuring Tim Eveleigh, Bob Fischer and of course MJ Hibbett. Were all the acts fantastic? Unquestionably. Did Mr Fischer bring a Roobarb’s contingent? I really should have guessed it would happen. Is it amusing to be introduced to fully-grown men by their online handles such as FegMANIA, Mr Magister and Bobby FischFace? You betcha. Was drink taken? I’m shocked to report I rather suspect it was.



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