Sweet release

Here’s an updated version of that list of albums I’m looking forward to. No release dates or anything yet for Pipettes, Jarvis, Handsome Family or McKeown.

  • Emmy the Great – 9th Feb (“First Love”)
  • Morrissey – 16th Feb (“Years of Refusal”)
  • AC Newman – 16th Feb (“Get Guilty”) [Edited, previously showed US release date]
  • M Ward – 16th Feb (“Hold Time”)
  • Howling Bells – 2nd Mar (“Radio Wars”)
  • Neko Case – 3rd Mar [North American release date?] (“Middle Cyclone”)
  • Noisettes – 30th Mar (“Wild Young Hearts”)
  • Doves  – 30th Mar (“Kingdom of Rust”)
  • Immaculate Machine – 21st Apr[North American release date], (”High on Jackson Hill”)
  • Camera Obscura  – 21st April (“My Modelling Career”)
  • MJ Hibbett and the Validators – 11th May (“Regardez, Ecoutez et Repetez”)
  • Junior Boys  – 11th May (“Begone Dull Care”) [24th Mar Canadian release]

From the old version of the list, I have acquired only the Fight Like Apes album, which is a cross between the Chalets and McLusky – unfortunately, like the former band, they promise a bit more than they deliver if you ask me.


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