Lovely noise

Here’s a smart deal, in the ever-evolving world of music, record companies and how the hell do we actually make any money from music?? Fight Like Apes have hit on a neat offer – I’m sure they’re not the first band to do it, but it’s the first time I’ve considered taking advantage of it. Album plus gig ticket for thirteen quid: job’s a good ‘un!

Two drawbacks. Firstly, it makes it a bit harder to arrange a group of people to go to the gig: it’s one thing for one of you to book however-many tickets, but it’s another for that person to have to dish out a load of CDs subsequently.

Bigger problem still: their London gig is at the Camden Barfly. Now, Camden is easily my least favourite part of London, and the Barfly probably my least favourite venue (now the wretched Astoria has been rightly condemned to demolition),  so it has to be a gig I’m really really keen to see before I’ll even consider going there. I’m looking forward to hearing the album, but I’m not going to commit to the gig before I’ve got to know it. Actually, there’s a third problem: what if loads of people buy the album and gig tickets, but the album’s a disappointment and the gigs are officially sold-out, but half-empty in practice? I suppose they’ve got the cash by then, so it hardly matters.


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