2009 Albums

I’m not a great one for new year’s resolutions. Not because I can’t stick to them, or because I think they’re a waste of time, but more because I tend to forget them. I’m pretty sure I made one for 2008… but probably in February, and I now cannot remember what it was.

In the face of increasing numbers of wretchedly young people actually Doing Things With Their Lives (Lewis Hamilton, Rachel Riley – who I hope does not get too much of a hard time as The New Carol, or at least not unless she really deserves it – and now Matt Smith, to name but three), I have set myself the relatively attainable goal – I hope – of figuring out over the course of 2009 what the heck I’m doing with mine. Actually doing anything about this analysis will probably have to wait until 2010.

More realistically in the short term, I’m resolving not to let myself fall behind with music in the way I did in 2008. I’m probably never going to be as hungry for new music to enjoy as I was a few years ago, but even so my best of 2008 summary suffered from the absence of a good few records that I really should have got hold of before the start of December (I Am Kloot, Young Knives and Santogold would all have featured if I had got my act together).

With this in mind (plus also the general wretchedness of January and the deperate need for something to look forward to), I have been looking for release dates of records I already know I want to hear; realistically, I expect most of my album purchases this year to be by artists whose records I already own. And as I approach 27, that’s maybe how it should be. But actually finding a single site showing UK release dates – even highly provisional ones, as I fully accept they are liable to change – is bloody hard. In fact, I have failed to do it.

There must be one – right? I mean, the music industry must need one. Maybe there is a subscription-based service or something. Either that or my googling skills (or the search engine optimisation skills of the owners of any such hypothetical listing) are inadequate.

Still, here’s my list of people whose records I’m looking forward to and, where known, release details. Presented in order of release where know, and then by how much information I actually have.

  • Fight Like Apes – 26th Jan (“Fight Like Apes and the Mystery of the Golden Medallion”)
  • Emmy the Great – 2nd Feb (“First Love”)
  • Howling Bells – 9th Feb (“Radio Wars”)
  • Morrissey – 16th Feb (“Years of Refusal”)
  • Neko Case – 3rd Mar (“Middle Cyclone”)
  • Immaculate Machine – 21st Apr[North American release date], (“High on Jackson Hill”)
  • MJ Hibbett and the Validators (“Regardez, Ecoutez et Repetez”)
  • M Ward – (“Hold Time”)
  • Junior Boys (touring the UK in March, so I’d expect the record around then)
  • Camera Obscura
  • Jarvis Cocker
  • Doves
  • Handsome Family
  • Erin McKeown
  • Noisettes
  • The Pipettes

I would of course be pathetically grateful to anyone who can provide me with further information, and/or point me towards a better source of information than Amazon.



  1. I use Music Week for release dates, as we subscribe to it we can access them both in the magazine and online at http://www.musicweek.com. I do think you need to be a subscriber to access it though.

    Back in the CUR1350 days I used to use eil.com for release dates (there’s a UK section) but I don’t know if that’s any better than Amazon.

    1. Thanks Kat – I think you’re right about Music Week needing a subscription, but Dan also pointed me towards EIL. Looks like that’s the best there is!

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