Thunderbird is go!

I got a new laptop recently, and quickly set up all the software I wanted for it – all free and mostly open source. So: Firefox, not Internet Explorer; Open Office, not Microsoft Office; and Thunderbird, not Outlook Express.

Online help for Thunderbird suggested that in order to get my UK Yahoo webmail accounts pointing into Thunderbird would require an extension to Thunderbird and an add-on to the extension. This is RUBBISH: I downloaded all the gubbins, plugged it in, set it up and IT DIDN’T WORK.

To use Thunderbird with Yahoo webmail, you instead need to turn on POP access in your Yahoo Mail Options, then set up the account in Thunderbird using the server names Yahoo gives you. It’s a piece of piss, but I had to wait numerous days before a helpful poster on the Mozilla forums told me this. So: ignore the extensions, add-ons and plugins to use Yahoo with Thunderbird: YOU DON’T NEED THEM, even though there are plenty of webpages telling you that you do.

Small thing: I found if I copied and pasted the server name from the Yahoo website into Mozilla, it added an extraneous space in, which wasn’t at all obvious to see. If in doubt, type it in manually.


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