There’s something going wrong around here

I will get round to doing some more music reviews, honest I will… As a gentle way of breaking myself back in, I’d like to register my liking for the single I’m Not Gonna Teach Your Boyfriend How To Dance With You by Black Kids – terrible song title and a not much better band name, but don’t let that put you off.

Melodically, and also in terms of the vocal, it’s one of a few songs at the moment trying to sound like The Cure, but it would certainly be at the bouncier, janglier end of the Cure spectrum. It’s got some rather nice shouty backing vocals too. Lyrically, it’s a riff on one of the most irresistible themes in pop music – seeing the person you love arm in arm with someone else. I’m a sucker for a decent song on that theme, whether it’s Percy Sledge’s It Tears Me Up or Joe Jackson’s Is She Really Going Out With Him?

In fact, I was moved to do something I’ve not done for ages: go and buy the single. Well, not go and buy the single so much as stay at home and buy the single: it’s one of the great strengths of the MP3 age (in fact, come to think of it I did buy a single recently – The Beginning of the Twist by The Futureheads, but that was mainly because Kat bullied me into it; left to my own devices I probably would just have awaited the album). Elvis Costello recently likened the practice of buying individual tracks to going into a cake shop, sticking your fingers into a cake and just taking a bit out of the middle – but let’s be honest, we’d all like to do that from time to time if we could.

So off I went to 7digital, the download site you don’t have to pay a subscription to use and which, unlike iTunes, doesn’t rely on particular players. Trouble is, 7digital have only a limited range of downloads… and it looks like Black Kids are only releasing their single via iTunes. So that’s a sale they’ve lost – you can forgive people finding ways of acquiring music illegally when bands do that, frankly.



  1. Did you see the Black Kids perform the song on Jools Holland the other week? I wasn’t impressed, particularly the girly backups trying to look like musicians. But having heard it on the radio, I’m retracting my previous opinion slightly because the studio version sounds much better. (And so does ‘Another Girl, Another Planet’ compared with the frankly rather dire effort that was trotted out on the same episode of Jools.)

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