T-T-Time’s running out?

Monday’s gig by Chris T-T and his new band at the Luminaire in Kilburn was enjoyable, loud and slightly saddening – not necessarily in that order. Chris has been on the scene for at least ten years now, and went professional in 2003 (don’t know for sure if he still is). With Capital, he has released what is in many respects his best album to date (I will get round to doing some proper record reviews, honest I will…). But at only his second album since turning pro, it’s not exactly the latest instalment in a campaign to take the world by storm.

So it wasn’t all that surprising that the gig was not especially well-attended: not deserted by any means, but in a small-ish venue, an artist of T-T’s undoubted quality, six or seven albums into his career, should have been packing the place out. Still, it was good to see him in full band mode for the first time in over four years – it’s just a shame it all gave the impression that his moment might have passed.


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