Seven Inches of Pleasure

MJ Hibbett and his Validators have released their excellent new single, Do The Indie Kid. I was all set to review it, then he went and put out a video to it as well, so you can judge it for yourself! I know! What’s he trying to do to me…?

So, you’ve by now watched the video and judged the single to be utterly brilliant (NB if you haven’t, rectify this immediately). Two things to add: firstly, it’s available on SEVEN INCH VINYL!!! Secondly, the B-side, The Drummer’s Lament, is also excellent. Though I remember Mark introducing it at one of his Totally Acoustic nights by saying, “it should really be called The Drummer’s Fucking Long Whinge, but it wouldn’t fit in iTunes…”

So, hie yourself to the MJ Hibbett website – link in the links section – and make your purchase!


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