Vroom vroom!

I’m not sure what to make of this Max Mosley sex scandal. There is the question of whether or not there was a “Nazi” element to what went on – Mosley insists there was not. If there was, his position would be untenable, but it seems that it is going to be tested in court.

But beyond that, he’s guilty of… what, exactly? Having a personal life, apparently. Most people probably wouldn’t fancy getting up to the things he apparently got up to, but what bearing does it have on his job? Consenting adults and all that.

But as major car firms criticise him and heads of state ask him to stay away from their home grands prix, it does indeed look like it is perceived that he somehow cannot do the job. A natural instinctive reaction, perhaps – the allegations would certainly make a lot of people feel uncomfortable. But I’m struggling to see a firm justification for it.


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