Jon Richardson

For the thick end of twelve months now, my Sunday mornings have been soundtracked by the excellent presenter pairing of Russell Howard and Jon Richardson on 6Music. It seems there is some confusion over the future of the show – possibly Russell will no longer feature, and possibly not entirely of his own choosing. A rather muddled link at the end of last Sunday’s show has left everyone a bit confused.

Still, they will be gigging and collaborating on further projects apparently, plus Jon seems likely to be continuing with the show irrespective of what Russell does, so all is far from lost. There is even talk of a film… If anything, I would particularly like to see Richardson translate his fertile material on the minutiae of modern living into a TV series: with himself as the central character trying to come to terms with the sheer idiocy of other people, it would have the potential to turn him into something close to a latter-day Tony Hanckock. Have a look at his recent sketches for BBC3’s (otherwise mostly abysmal) Comedy Shuffle to see what I mean…


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