The remains of the year

There remain two sad things to comment on from the end of 2007. The first, Benazir Bhutto’s death, was a terrible event, but one that must surely go down as one of the least surprising assassinations in history.

The second is the death of Kevin Greening, aged only 44. Greening’s talent as a broadcaster was well-recognised within the industry, perhaps more so than among the general public – certainly in comparison to many of his Radio 1 contemporaries and successors.

I remember his attendance of the launch party for CUR1350‘s AM licence in January 2002, where he made a charming and witty speech (it would be marvellous if someone could dust that off and make it available as a podcast, actually) and later happily signed a giant cardboard cow for the bar staff. He came across as thoroughly affable, and certainly didn’t need to be there – it’s hard to imagine some of his Breakfast Show successors going out of their way to be at something like that.

It’s particularly saddening, therefore, to read that the circumstances surrounding his death seem to be looking murkier.


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