Christmas songs

I always enjoy looking out for less well-known Christmas songs. and have a goodly selection on my MP3 player for the holiday season: Christmas in Prison by John Prine, It’s Cliched to be Cynical at Christmas by Half Man Half Biscuit, I’ll Be Dead by Christmas by Keyop and many more. Christmas-themed indie compilations are of course a key source for these, and I picked up a rather nice one this year: A Very Cherry Christmas 3 from Cherryade Records.

Particularly excellent was the package: as well as the CD, there was a glittery Christmas card, a badge and two sweets, including a chocolate coin! It was like an indie Christmas stocking, in a jiffy bag.

I’ve only listened to about half of it so far, but it’s the at times enjoyable mixed bag you expect from these things: Last Christmas I Gave You My Heart and the Very Next Day You Sold It On Ebay by the Bobby McGees gets added to the list of Excellent Christmas Song Titles, while the refrain of “all I want for Christmas is a wank” by the Pocket Gods doubles my list of Gratuitously Rude Christmas Songs, alongside I’ll Be Fucking You This Christmas by Shaun Lee.


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