Back on the radio! Briefly…

I was interviewed this lunchtime on Steve Rhodes’ Consumer Programme on BBC Three Counties Radio, on the subject of the Government’s proposed new tax laws on “income shifting”. Exciting, eh? If you’re sufficiently sad, you can probably use the Listen Again function for the next 24 hours or so – I was on at about 12:25.

It’s the first time I’ve done a proper interview from the “other” side, and it made me feel slightly nervous! But Mr Rhodes was extremely on-side, so from that perspective it was an easy interview and probably went reasonably well (I say this without having listened to it myself…). All told, it was slightly buzzy!

It was only after the event that I checked what the three counties in question actually are. At the same time, I noticed the station has a soap opera of some sort called – I kid you not – Feckham Hall – for a BBC local radio station, this is pretty scandalous stuff! Rather reminds me of the Social Democratic Alliance (SoDemAll) in Whoops Apocalypse!


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