The MJ Hibbett Experience

I was slightly shocked at how long it was since I had seen MJ Hibbett – I’d missed sufficient gigs that one of my friends feared from my successive absences earlier in the year that I might be dead.

So last night’s Totally Acoustic(TM) night at The Lamb reminded me – not that I should have needed reminding – just how darn enjoyable a Hibbett gig can be. It was indeed an animated Hibbett, swinging around with ukelele and guitar (not at once), to the point where I couldn’t get a decent photo on my admittedly limited camera phone. Pete Weiss, by contrast, stood reasonably still for photographic purposes, and also turned in a charming set, apparently made up from a list of songs he might possibly decide to do, rather than an actual set list of songs to do, in order.

The evening did confirm my suspicion of Young’s ales to some extent: their Winter Warmer is a lovely, but rich, dark pint, but their Special and Bitter don’t quite do it for me. Young’s Bitter is the only ale served at my club (ooh, get me!) and I’d throught they perhaps just didn’t keep it well, but maybe I was putting the blame in the wrong place. That said, I was kindly bought several pints of the stuff last night and, ahem, managed to drink it.

Said drinkage culminated in a final conversation of which Mark claims to be able to remember little. My only recollection was that it involved a lot of reminiscing – by chaps slightly older than myself – about mud-ridden Glastonbury festivals past, and trying to work out which were the two consecutive years where it was really bad. I suggested ’97 and ’98, as I remembered seeing it reported… on Newsround. This was not true, but nevertheless I was jovially told to fuck off.

[edit] Grr, the options for laying out multiple picture in Blogger are a bit limited, aren’t they? [/edit]


One comment

  1. “Young’s Bitter is the only ale served at my club” ?!? I shall never refer to you as a youngster again!!

    Glad you liked to – and aaah yes, Glastonbury, that was it!

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