Chill your bones

I hadn’t intended to post anything else, but I’ve just eaten and something has to be said.

I ate in the aforementioned kiddie-friendly bar, which had all manner of soft rock playing in the background… smooth. I had hoped to try a Greene King product other than their ubiquitous – but very nice – IPA. As it happened, they have two ales: IPA, and one other, which was off. So, IPA it was – and you won’t hear me complain about that.

But as I sat down, I noticed that the rack of hand-pumps selling the trendy drinks – the
Guinness, Carling and the like, was a blue label: “IPA Cold”. Now, maybe I’m just late in noticing this, but – IPA COLD?!??!!?!? The whole point of ale is that it’s meant to be served at room temperature, so that you get the full flavour – IPA doubly so, as it’s got lots of hops in it (indeed, I think that’s why it’s one of the few ales that survives being put in cans tolerably well). Served chilled, while I’m sure it will be perfectly pleasant, it will have next to no flavour.

That said, if it lets a decent brewer stay afloat by latching on to a bandwagon, I don’t mind… too much.


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