Bizarrely, since I started this blog I’ve written almost nothing about music, even though it was the mainstay of the old website and, of course, of my music fanzines before that.

I have a few album reviews to do, but overall this year has been very dry as far as I’m concerned: unlike last year, I’ve yet to encounter any utterly stunning records, though there are some very good ones knocking around. I can’t decide why this is: I listen to more radio now than 12 months ago, so I should be hearing more new music that interests me… but it just doesn’t seem to be out there. Not even compilation CDs from Dan Paton have piqued my interest in any more than a couple of records.

Even worse, this will almost certainly be the first September for several years in which I haven’t been to a single gig. This is partly down to utter ineptitude: I should have gone to see The Gossip the other day, but never had the gumption to arrange it. But last year I remember ducking out of the Labour conference for an evening to go and see The Pipettes in Manchester, and two years ago I saw Sleater-Kinney in Manchester and London on successive nights (and also, it turned out, for the last time).

What’s gone wrong, eh? Very odd.


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