God urinates in my chardonnay

I spotted something interesting on the back of the Metro newspaper today: Battlestar Galactica, the complete series 3 DVD box set, for £13.95 – given that even the cheapest online price right now is the thick end of 40 quid, it’s an absolute steal.

But… I work next to Heathrow airport and can’t get to HMV on weekdays. Still, if it’s valid, it’s going to be valid all week, right?

Just to check if it was a mistake, I mentioned it on Roobarb’s. It turns out it was a mistake… so sod it, I bin my copy of the paper. Checking back a few hours later, it turns out they are honouring it! Now, they don’t have to – technically, advertising a product at the wrong price doesn’t oblige a shop to sell it to you. But they’re only honouring it today, and they’ve clocked the mistake. So no cheap DVDs for me! Although a few others on Roobarbs were lucky enough to pick it up cheap thanks to yours truly. Aren’t I marvellous?

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