Welcome to my new blog! This is a successor to my old website, King of Quiet. I had intended to re-design the site and get it back online, but after I stopped updating it I found I didn’t miss it terribly.

I had for a long time wanted to maintain the website format, so that articles could be accessed easily by topic, in a navigable structure; the trouble was that the demands of the format ultimately meant that I had to write certain types of article to keep it up to date, while leaving little room for occasional items on more varied topics.

This will be a bit more varied in content, therefore, and I won’t be reviewing every single new album I buy this year like I managed in 2006. Still, you can expect some politics, TV reviews (yes, almost certainly including Doctor Who episode-by-episode when it starts up again…), occasional music reviews and maybe some other stuff. Maybe.

If you’re wondering about the name, John Kell Vs Satan was originally my show on student radio. I nicked the name from the mini-album by Heavenly, Heavenly Vs. Satan (though I’ve never actually heard the record), but over time it came to be a metaphor for my battle against the forces of rubbish music. Given that I’m likely to use this blog to disagree with a lot of things and a lot of people, perhaps the metaphor continues to be valid in a broader sense…


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